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About Collabco

Collabco are the provider of myday, a student dashboard used by many leading educational establishments in the UK to drive student engagement, participation and retention.

We are a dedicated team with a passion for education software development and systems innovation. Based in the thriving city of Liverpool (UK) in the heart of Liverpool's innovative Knowledge Quarter we are well positioned to support a growing and forward thinking international customer base passionate about improving and simplifying student technologies.

Collabco was founded in 2009 and entered Academia and Education in 2010. In 2014, we released the Cloud version of our dashboard.

Company timeline

We deliver solutions to institutions of varying sizes and complexity. From smaller schools and larger colleges to prestigious Russell Group and Red Brick Universities.

At Collabco we understand that technology is an enabler to effective learning within a cloud based “digital campus” environment. That is why our solutions are designed to help you:

  • Enhance student engagement
  • Increase  and simplify systems access
  • Improve student retention and satisfaction levels
  • Reduce system management costs
  • Accelerate two-way communications between the student and the institution
  • Deliver a panoptic and personalised student and staff learning environment

Our primary product myday enables universities, colleges and schools to aggregate the information students need on a daily basis and presents it in a highly-intuitive and modern styled interface.
Such a rich environment allows institutions to present and manage all key information systems in one easy to access place.  Collabco utilise Microsoft technologies and other leading systems.

Many students are confused and disengaged by the disjointed array of applications and different technology experiences provided by academic organisations. myday helps simplify a student’s academic day by bringing together information, content and access to these platforms through a modern experience that they have come to expect from the internet. It leverages an institution’s Microsoft Office 365 platform to provide a comprehensive collaborative learning solution.

Research has shown that engaged students:

  • Are less likely to dropout
  • Achieve higher grades
  • Perform better in exams and assessments
  • Have a greater sense of belonging and community
  • Are better able to set and meet personal goals
  • Stay on tasks