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Multiple Dashboards

myday uses this to display different types of information to your users. Each dashboard can be targeted to a group or groups of users enabling dashboard for students, staff and other stakeholders. Each department, faculty, college or school can have their own dashboard or you can have a single dashboard for everyone. 

Student union, sports facilities, staff, partners, can all be presented with one or more dashboard relevant to their role, area of study and interests.  Multiple dashboards make it simple to manage the tiles and content and still have the option to target single tiles on a more granular basis if required.

On each dashboard there are five types of tiles:

  • Banner - Displays banners to users promoting key messages and promotions. Banners can be targeted and are managed through the simple and easy to use management interface
  • Live Tiles - These tiles retrieve data from either a single application or multiple applications and display relevant data enabling the end user to decide whether they need to visit the source application, eg. to top up a print balance
  • Static Tiles - Tiles which provide links (with Single Sign On, where possible) to external applications which are signposted from the dashboard
  • Content Tiles - Tiles which hold content behind them, enabling content to be delivered using the content management system built into myday
  • List Tiles - The news and social media tiles display information in a "feed" format enabling news to be consumed from within the tile

All tiles can be targeted, labels, colours and sizes changed to suit the experience you are trying to deliver.

The myday dashboard presents an easy to use and intuitive interface for the user. This experience is consistent across the myday platform whether myday is being accessed using a mobile phone, tablet or web browser.

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